About Buttons Ink

Make life Artful with Buttons Ink.

Buttons Ink is a collection of tall tales and small details in the life of Yuiko Uto, a Brisbane-based Japanese artist. Yuiko makes art to share and wear. 
Yuiko uses her art to find a way out of the haze of situations she wasn’t sure about at the time and transforms them into fun and carefree moments, ready for the world to share and enjoy. Buttons Ink is Yuiko’s way of connecting with others and together making sense of the past and present through art.

After a career in the Tokyo design world, and ten years bringing up the kiddos in Australia, it is time for Yuiko to get the stories out, connect with the world and be the artist she always wanted to be.
Yuiko is happy to explore commissioned work, illustration projects, design work and collaborations. 
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