Dropped my prints at Brisbane Business Hub

Dropped my prints at Brisbane Business Hub

Today I’ve just dropped and set up some of my prints and scarves at Brisbane Business Hub in Nundah. Happy day!

It’ll be showcased up until January 14th.

Thank you Alanna and Shannan from Brisbane City Council to organize and assist me to have this great opportunity.

Off topic…

The suburb name ‘Nundah’ really sounds like a Japanese word. As a family who speak and understand the language, we can’t just drove pass Nundah without saying ‘Nundah’. You know you have a little entertainment that doesn’t quite make sense but fun because you can pronounce it especially when you are on a long way to get to the holiday destination? We just loving passing there!

So, It’s direct meaning is なん = what, だ = is.

It depends on the situation the meanings change, for instance, when you see something you can’t figure out then you say ‘Nundah?’ (Pitch raised at the end) Also you say ‘Nundah’ when you find out the thing wasn’t something you expected. It could be happy/relieved or sad/disappointed way. Like; Nundah!🤩 Nundah😆 Nundah!😩 Nundah🙁 Or Nuhhhndah☹️💭

So what does Nundah mean in the first nation’s language? I’ve heard once from a friend of us before but I forgot! Oh it came up on google here we go, the meaning Nundah is….. ‘Water holes’

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